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For Just ONE Day

Amelia Flying Hat - grey

Amelia Flying Hat - grey

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Embrace your inner adventurer with this handmade vintage-style flying hat! Channel Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman and take flight. The ideal accessory for ambitious explorers, fearless aviators, and everyday excursions - be it dressing up as a bird, butterfly, bee, fairy, or vintage pilot. Every dress-up collection needs a flying hat!


Handcrafted in our Manchester atelier, our Amelia Flying Hat is designed to be cherished and treasured for years to come. It's a perfect gift!


Fully lined 100% cotton hat with topstitched seams throughout and fixed flaps over the ears - No fastening

Available in child and Adult sizes check head measurements before ordering.

XXS - 48.5 - 49.5cm
XS - 50 - 51.5cm
S - 52.5 - 53.5cm

M - 54 - 56cm
L - 56 - 58cm
XL - 58 - 60cm
XXL - 60-62cm


Machine wash at 30 degrees

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    For Just ONE Day's dress-up collection is skillfully handmade in our Manchester atelier. We create future heirlooms that are made to be loved, worn and treasured. Each colour fade, patched hole, replaced button, and frayed edge adding to their unique charm.
    From dress-up adventures to walking down the aisle, our coordinated pieces are designed to bring joy to every occasion.

    Our handmade dress-up comes beautifully wrapped.
    Indulge in the magic of gifting a beautifully wrapped handmade present, delicately encased in tissue, that is destined to ignite pure happiness and wonder in a special child.
    Picked by you and wrapped by us!
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